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Free practical tips

Experience and education are the most important when you apply for a job. Make sure you bring those key elements to the forefront in your curriculum. To enable this use apply the following tips:

1. Think about the structure

Your CV be read diagonally, so make sure the structure enables the reader to find the relevant experience fast. Use clear chapters and a anti-chronological description of your working experience. Prefer to be conservative in your layout, it simply reads easier.

2. Do not become Spam

You will send your CV through e-mail, so do not add a large picture, as you might end in a spam folder!

3. Adapt your CV to the function

Experience and education are the most important. Make sure all relevant market or product experience comes forward. Put yourself in the place of your future boss and find out what you would like to see.

4. Be specific and detailed

If you sold to the financial sector, specify the departments; if you know SAP, specify the modules; it you are an investment specialist, specify the domain; if you managed teams, specify the result.

5. Limit yourself to the essentials, be precise

Time is money, and analysing a 7 pages CV is difficult. Limit your CV to three pages. Use spelling checker, ask your friend to read the document before publishing it.

6. Be honest and be yourself

Do not exaggerate your skills, do not lie about competences.


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