Board level Search

June 30, 2011, the Belgian parliament passes a law that requires listed companies to include 33% of women in their boards. By January 1, 2017 this must be a reality for every listed company. Not fulfilling this obligation might have serious consequences to your boards members. They will lose all benefits associated with the mandate. If one year later, the target is not achieved, the general meeting is obliged to appoint a new board with bad press and loss of image as a result.

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The steps

We Assess

Through a process that includes a broad survey and in-depth conversations with the directors, we are able to develop a list of recommended actions that will result in a better functioning board and improved collaboration among all the players.

We Search

We identify candidates who meet your strict criteria. We ensure candidates fit in well from a competence and cultural standpoint. And last but not least we assess a candidate's ability to be an effective and value-added director.

CEO Succession planning

As you build a list of potential CEO successors, there are two components of the process to consider. The first involves looking at internal candidates. Are they progressing as expected? Are they getting the right type of experience? What should you do to enhance those skills? The second component requires looking outside the company to map and benchmark the talent market. How do your people compare? Who might be available?

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