Committed to your ROI we provide a simple and straightforward guarantee. If our service does not fulfill your expectations, we will do whatever it takes to correct the situation, including a 100% refund of the professional fee.
We take the risk, not our client!

Think about your CV!

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Executive Search redefined

We search

It seems logical that a search firm searches. But - as you probably experienced - lots of our competitors limit their search to database queries and Internet linkedin consultation. In our desire to fulfill your expectations we developed a different behaviour. We investigate and reexamine the market till we find the best available candidate on the market. Even if there is no candidate market, we will create one for you. We really search. It is hard work, very labour intensive, but it is the only way to guarantee the best of the best in the fastest lead-time.

We deliver

We deliver what we promised. This means that we will not accept all projects. However, when we accept your assignment we will deliver, or pay your money back. We report weekly on the progress of the job enabling our client to be on top of all activities. See our actual assignments.

We take the risk

Our clients want return on their investment. So instead of linking our professional fee solely to our costs and our efforts, we can link our fee to the end result: the profit the recruited person will generate.

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