Fitting Competences,
Fitting Personality and
Fitting Company Culture
are the three base requirements to a successful recruitment.

Specialisation is key to finding this candidate.

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Some companies claim to be specialists in everything, we organise our search in a micro segmented way by focussing on sub-segments of the ICT market. Obviously we also perform specific searches in other industries identifying very specialized individuals. However 90% of our missions are related to the following ICT functions.

1. Sales managers of application solutions

The titles might vary from Vice-president to Director or country manager but the fundamental task of the solution sales manager is to organise the go-to-market strategy of the application under his/her responsibility. The job includes channel development, translating product features in customer benefits, choose the marketing mix, and discuss the product strategy with the markets.

2. Sales managers of projects

If you are looking to sell a project, you have no product offer, you only have your own intelligence and market knowledge to understand the issues of your customer and to translate them in a value proposition. Managing this sales process demands focus, creativity and credibility. You will deliver value to your sales team by solving cross departmental issues, support them in qualification issues, guide them in the closing issues.

3. Senior Delivery managers

These people management projects that include application development and customisation tasks; people management; and reporting and program control. They probably manage more junior project managers and do the resources planning. Business development of the services are often part of the delivery manager's function description. To be successful in these searches, a thorough specialisation in the domain is needed.

4. Senior Management consultants specialised in Financial industry

The domains of specialisation are today: Securities and assets servicing: streamlining back-office processes; Single Euro payment system; Finance and accounting processes; Retail banking: front office aspects in a multi-channel environment; Compliance and risk management.

5. Senior Management consultants specialised in Enterprise Architecture

You are used to work with C-level people, and you know how to help them realise their strategic goals using ICT? Our success in the search of high level consultants is the result of a very precise description of the expected role and competence, combined with our network in industry and ICT.


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