High-Tech Sales people who promote technological features are inefficient and unproductive. JCo delivers a sales process adapted to the European High-Tech market with a focus on minimizing cost and maximizing the result of the sales effort.

Our specialization in ICT and our understanding of your market is key to help your sales team get better results.

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JCo trainers work exclusively for Benelux customers that are active in the B2B market selling products with a high advice content . This specialisation enables us to guarantee that your sales will improve.
Here is an example of modules included in a 3-day sales training.

1. Day 1

Select those clients and projects that are worth your time and efforts
Role play on lukewarm calls
Create customer value and get your share
Replace frustration by self-confidence and control over the sales process
Disarm those clients that turn your complex and valuable solution in a commodity
Get to the decision maker

2. Day 2

Manage a decision process with decision makers at several levels
Make a winning competitive strategy
Take counter-tactical measures to defeat the strategy of your competitor
Gather insight on how to steer the decision process
Change the mindset and priorities of the client
Role-play on "the first interview"

3. Day 3

Build a winning relational strategy
Survive a period of intense negotiations and close the deal
Identify those relations that will give you the best prospect to win
Manage the perception of your client to a successful delivery
Structure your account strategy
Develop and present your strategy


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